North Thurston Marching Band

Class: Marching Band A / Members: 60 / Lacey WA

Program Title: The Way Home

Our 2017 production “The Way Home…” is, first and foremost, about home in all of its many forms… from our own literal homes, to our second home in the band room… It is about family, both our own families, and the family that is the marching band and colorguard… It is about how we all navigate our way through life’s ups and downs… Movement 1: All Roads Lead Home As we travel life's many roads, we must navigate through all the twists and turns and obstacles that we encounter, but eventually they direct us to the road that leads us home. Movement 2: Home Is Where the Heart Is Home is a gathering place where our family and friends live, meet, and come together. The experiences and memories that we have shared with our loved ones is at the heart of every home. Movement 3: There's No Place Like Home In troubled times, we seek a place that provides comfort and shelter, an escape from the problems of the world, and where we can just be ourselves. It takes some of us longer to find our way, but in the end, we find the place where we belong, a place to call Home. Ladies and Gentlemen, the North Thurston Marching Band and Colorguard is proud to present our 2017 production The Way Home… We hope that you enjoy our show!


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