Ridgeline Regiment

Liberty Lake WA

Members: 107

Program Title: More To Me

"More To Me" reflects the unique story of every person who answers the ring bell called life. Round after round, we are met with challenges that sharpen and reveal the character of ourselves, the way we carry ourselves to the next round. We all have a story to tell, a fight to fight, and a victory that sometimes only we ourselves can see. The unique stories that make up all of the members of the Ridgeline Regiment speaks to the revelation that there is more to me, more to you and more to all of us than just our victories and our loses. We hope you feel like a champion of the world by the end of our program. You deserve it!


    Design Staff:

    • Lewis Norfleet -- Winds Arranger
    • Nate Hunt -- Percussion and Electronics Arranger
    • James Haynes -- Lead Choreographer
    • Kirty French -- Colorguard Choreographer
    • Josh Niles -- Colorguard Choreographer
    • Dean West -- Winds Choreographer
    • Evan West -- Winds Choreographer
    • BJ Keogh -- Lead Propmaster
    • Eric Parker -- Visual Designer

    Instructional Staff:

    • Skylar Belfry -- Music
    • Alayna Bell -- Colorguard
    • Madi Binyon -- Percussion
    • Eli Eckelberg -- Percussion
    • Kirty French -- Colorguard
    • James Haynes -- Visual
    • Nate Hunt -- Percussion
    • Rob Lewis -- Percussion
    • Josh Niles -- Colorguard
    • Andrew Wamsley -- Percussion
    • Dean West -- Visual and Music
    • Evan West -- Visual and Music

    Student Leaders:

    • Gracie Newell -- Drum Major
    • Merrick Stewart -- Drum Major
    • Paige Van Buren -- Colorguard Captain
    • Cannon Parsons -- Percussion Captain
    • Alexis Hochberg -- Winds Captain