Granite Falls Marching Band

Granite Falls WA

Members: 47

Program Title: Circuit Break

Amidst the backdrop of a dark and stormy night, a solitary figure sits inside, entranced by the mesmerizing glow of their smartphone, lost in an overstimulating digital world. A sudden power outage shatters their electronic cocoon, leaving them in a daunting darkness. Disconnected from their digital lifeline, they grapple with a lack of meaning. As the storm subsides, their senses gradually calm and tune in to everything that usually goes unnoticed—the gentle windchimes, distant nightbird melodies, and gentle raindrops. A newfound joy blooms from this reconnection with nature's simple beauty. An abrupt interruption—the power returns, the circuit reconnects. The habitual cycle of smartphone dependence triggers an internal struggle. They yearn to break free, to recapture the unfiltered happiness found beyond the screen. But as the glow beckons, the journey to liberation proves easier said than done. Join us in 'Circuit Break,' a modern tale of our struggle to find the balance between the digital and natural worlds. Break free from destructive cycles, reset the circuit, and rediscover the symphony of living authentically. Musical works include: High Voltage by Randall Standridge Voltage by David Shaffer Lightning! by Todd Stalter Electricity by Brian Balmages Kyiv 2022 by Brian Balmages The Time Elapsed by Schyler Williams

  • Schyler Williams

Design Staff:

  • Schyler Williams -- Music, visual, sound, drill, props
  • Nicole Neufeld -- Color Guard
  • Brooke Rundle -- Visual, music, marching
  • Sadie Papp -- Props
  • Greyson Clevenger -- Story
  • Steven Berlin -- Story

Instructional Staff:

  • Schyler Williams -- Director
  • Nicole Neufeld -- Color Guard
  • Brooke Rundle -- Marching, Woodwinds
  • Eric Diehl -- Marching, Brass
  • Tyler Ussery -- Percussion
  • Nick Novy -- Marching, Visual

Student Leaders:

  • Greyson Clevenger -- Drum Major
  • Steven Berlin -- Drum Major
  • Ari Dimitrova -- Guard Captain
  • Sadie Papp -- Mellophone Soloist