Eisenhower Marching Band

Yakima WA

Members: 120

Program Title: 2023 program: All the Lonely People

Eleanor Rigby is a woman who finds herself lonely at the end of her life. Paul McCartney's iconic lyrics paint a picture of her sitting alone in a cathedral as watches the rest the world from the sideline. Subtitled "A Symphony for Eleanor," this show realizes the life story of the title character from the famous Beatles song and celebrates her lessons and accomplishments.

  • Chloe Pierce

Design Staff:

  • Tyler Jones -- Visual Design Coordinator
  • James Haynes -- Color Guard Flag Choreography
  • Hailey Adkison -- Dance Choreography
  • Chris Frausto -- Weapon Choreography

Instructional Staff:

  • Kolby Arnold -- High Brass instructor
  • Hailey Adkison -- Color Guard Coordinator
  • Chris Frausto -- Color Guard Assistant
  • Andrea Audelo -- Flute instructor
  • Fransico Gonzalez -- Clarinet instructor
  • Kaielin Crowner -- Saxophoone instructor
  • Brad Dawson -- Low Brass instructor
  • Miranda Wojciechowics -- Percussion Coordinator
  • Andrew Button -- Front Ensemble instructor

Student Leaders:

  • Sadelle Verduzco -- Senior Drum Major
  • Audrey Livingston -- Junior Drum Major
  • Ethan Gu -- Horn Sargent
  • NOHEMI BENITEZ SOLORZANO -- Flute Section Leader
  • KYLEIGH DAVIS -- Clarinet Section Leader
  • JAVIER PENA-GOMEZ -- Alto Saxophone Section Leader
  • TIARA VASQUEZ -- Tenor Saxophone Section Leader
  • ANTHONY DOUTHIT -- Trumpet Section Leader
  • CONNOR ARVIZU -- Low Brass Section Leader
  • JULLIAN NOGALES -- Tuba Section Leader