The Pride of Clarkston Marching Band

Clarkston WA

Members: 50

Program Title: The Determination of Orpheus

Clarkston hopes that you thoroughly enjoy their retelling of the Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. We begin our story during the wedding preparations of the beautiful couple in our first song, "Beloved". Next, we see tragedy strike in our second movement, "Viper". Determined to save his bride from the depths of the underworld, Orpheus pleads with Hades in our third movement, "Resurrection". Will love and hope prevail? Will the couple return to the altar? Follow the Pride of Clarkston Marching Band as they weave a fantastical tale for you on the field.

  • Alex Lardie
  • Orion White

Design Staff:

  • Luke McMillan -- Composer
  • Kyle Cleven/Soph Roemer/Karmen Johnson -- Drill Writers
  • Soph Roemer/Holly Kelly -- Colorguard Routine

Instructional Staff:

  • Alex Lardie -- Band Director
  • Orion White -- Assistant Band Director
  • Karmen Johnson -- Percussion Coach
  • Soph Roemer -- Colorguard Coach
  • Holly Kelly -- Colorguard Assistant

Student Leaders:

  • Bones Pierce -- Drum Major
  • Alexis Becker -- Section Leader - Flute
  • Shayla Martin -- Section Leader - Clarinet
  • Chaz Nollette -- Section Leader - Mello/Alto
  • Elizabeth Harrington -- Section Leader - Trumpet
  • Micah Reynolds -- Section Leader - Low Winds
  • Joshua Schafman -- Drumline Captain
  • Jade Cleveland -- Colorguard Captain